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Art installation Aequabilitum sound and video art

Jason & Becky are collaborative artists based in Swansea. Working between the digital and the physical, and between installation and live performance, their practice responds to current socio-political conditions using a range of media and experiential formats to immerse participants in ambiguous, individually interpretable spaces in which they may encounter and question pre-existing categorisations, definitions and boundaries.


After a period of practice-based PhD research which identified, amongst other things, the potentially stigmatising role of socially engaged community-based projects, they are currently exploring new ways to creatively engage in the public realm, with a particular interest in working within the ‘no-man’s-land’ between the perceived, conflicting, binary factions of ‘high’ and ‘popular’ culture.



Aequabilitum III

Performance and sound installations. Outfits in collaboration with Beth Dowding.

Image: Dan Stavely. Installation: Eifion Sven-Meyer

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