Art installation Aequabilitum sound and video art

Investigating the socio-economic and socio-political condition, Jason & Becky work colla​boratively to address a number of questions regarding our current human and social state. Through their practice, interventions and socially engaging experiments, they explore and provoke reactions, often with no

pre-determined outcomes.


They challenge perceptions and aim to engage participants, blurring boundaries and pushing limits through interaction - often resulting in revealing insights into human relationships, questioning the judgements, beliefs, awareness, appreciation and understanding of others.

Viewers and participants are often challenged to rethink their relationships to one another and their surroundings, confronting altered situations and simulated environments designed to create the uncertainty of internal dispute. 



Aquebilitum III

Performance and sound installations. Outfits in collaboration with Beth Dowding.

Image: Dan Stavely. Installation: Eifion Sven-Meyer