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Proximity, camaraderie and adventure cross paths with reflection and discovery, as a group of artists set sail on a two-day journey immersed in the elements, to look back at the Welsh landscape from a different perspective.



Wales has a long relationship with the sea. Over centuries it has been the blood supply to the beating heart of a country dependent on its ebb and flow. Dependent on the life and love it simultaneously gives and takes. Bringing in new communities and cultures, taking away explorers to new lives. The landscape seen from the sea is forever longing. A longing for the haven of life you are leaving, or the longing anticipation for the one you are embarking on. It is a wondrous, emotional and trepidatious land of hope that is less understood than any place on earth.


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. - Jacques Cousteau


CABIN FERVOUR offers this new perspective to 4 individual artists with varying practices (from painting to performance and everything in between), each with a relationship to ‘landscape’ in some form. We are looking for artists of varying ages, with a range of experience in terms of artistic practice and a willingness to let go of their safety nets. The two days off-shore will offer an inspirational journey to look back towards Wales, enjoying the thrill of letting go and the enchantment of returning. The journey will take the artists out of their comfort zones in a way unique to the close-lived environment of a sailing yacht. Teamwork, endeavour and stamina are essential skills to be learned along the way as the artistic crew work together towards a common goal with unique perspectives. Reflecting on what they have left behind and what they shall return to.This view of Wales offers an insight into the longing and excitement instigated by the sea. The feeling of ‘letting go’ the hand of terra firma. Untying ourselves from the safety and shelter of the everyday to look back at Welsh landscape from an often forgotten perspective. A perspective steeped in historic fact and fable.



Tuesday 9th September, 7.30am (tbc) - Wednesday 10th September, 10.30pm (tbc). Participants will need to be available for the entire duration of the two days, and will need to bring spending money for breakfast on the first day and for food/drinks on the final evening. Participants will need to make their own travel arrangements in terms of getting to Swansea on Tuesday 9th September, and finding their own way home or making accommodation arrangements (if needed) on Wednesday 10th September.



Departing from Swansea Bay early on 9th September. Sailing to a location somewhere in the Bristol Channel for the night. Returning to Swansea Bay on Wednesday 10th September for reflection and discussion.



Details on how to apply will be available shortly.




This project forms part of DIY 11, a Live Art Development Agency initiative developed in collaboration with the following partners: Abandon Normal Devices (North West), The Arches and BUZZCUT (Glasgow), Artsadmin (national), Arts Pavillion Bournemouth, Cambridge Junction, Chelsea Theatre (London), Colchester Arts Centre, Compass Live Art (Yorkshire), Contact Manchester, Create Ireland, Duckie (London), Folkestone Fringe, Forest Fringe (Scotland), hÅb (Manchester), KARST (Plymouth), Live at LICA (Lancaster), National Theatre Studio (London), National Theatre Wales, Norwich Arts Centre, Sound and Music (national) STUN (Manchester) and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

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