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CIVIC in Venice: Week Four - Making Tables

With the books and postcards printed, we began to construct the tables for our exhibition Citta di Campi, the culmination of the CIVIC in Venice residency. Each table was a physical representation of the collective emotions of everyone who took part in the mapping workshops, used to create each of the four new 'imaginary campi' - Campo della Speranza (Campo of the Hopeful), Campo dei Disperati (Campo of the Despairing), Campo degli Amati (Campo of the Appreciated) and Campo degli Sperduti (Campo of the Lost).

A hole was cut in each table, representing the church at the centre of most (if not all?) of the existing campi in Venice. The lights will be fitted to the underside of each table, allowing light to be reflected out from this point. Each campi will have its own sound, representing the church bell; a call to those feeling hopeful, despairing, appreciated or lost.

Peering through this hole, onlookers will be able to read the text accompanying each campi, written as part of our survey of each space for the Citta di Campi books.

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