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CIVIC in Venice: Week Three - Measuring Spaces

This week was a turning point in the residency - what we took from the Architecture Biennale, and the British Pavilion in particular, was the idea of the home, or 'home' itself, as a capsule within which one surrounds themselves with the items they need or want. This 'home' might me temporary, but it takes the shape of a house, a building with walls offering shelter, cut off from the physical outside world.

After talking with residents at Casa Dell'Ospitalita and other Venetians, and information gathered along with stories told during the mapping workshops, we decided to focus on the spaces of importance outside of buildings, giving them the same architectural significance as a building might get.

We we identified spaces which represented the collective thoughts and feelings of the people we've met during the residency so far, and we spent time in these spaces, surveying them, measuring them, listening to them, photographing and writing about them.

in the next couple of weeks we hope to collate this information and re-present it in a more tactile format.

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