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CIVIC in Venice: Arrival

From cold and wet Wales to hot, sunny, humid Venice within half a day. Picked up and dropped almost instantaneously into another place, time and culture. An abrupt jolt to the senses within a whirlwind of new sights and sounds. Sergio greeted us off the airport bus in Piazzale Roma ready to lead us through an onslaught of tourists and a hundred postcard moments, with only the briefest stationery moment for our first Italian espresso. Over bridges, round corners, through passages and past canals to a tranquil garden hidden in the north of the island. Casa dell’Ospitalita and its grounds are our home and studio for the next 30 days.

We share the house and grounds with their residents. Passionate Scala40 players and cooks of Italian portioned meals every evening.

Venice so far has been a twist and turn of moments. Hot and busy, shaded and quiet, monumental and detailed. Cappuccinos and too many espressos. Waterside conversations and new people. The expedition has only just begun...

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