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CIVIC in Venice: Week Four - closing exhibition

Our closing exhibition, Citta di Campi, at Teatro Groggia, Cannaregio was really well attended and people we spoke to asked lots of interesting questions - some we hadn't thought about ourselves. Gabrielle gave a lovely speech, and his interpretation of our work was thoughtful and poetic, and really nice to listen to - we've been so busy with workshops and making work and trying to absorb all we can from Venice over the past few weeks, we haven't really had time to stop and think about the project. Gabrielle's words (translated by Barbara) were like an insight into our minds,

but bits we weren't able to access ourselves. He has looked and listened and really seen the project, and for us it was so rewarding to hear him speak about its importance - and with such clarity.

We thoroughly enjoyed working in the Theatre space - it's such an amazing building and they have a great community around them. We also got to meet the administration and directors of Casa Dell'Ospitalita - we hope they enjoy the Citta di Campi book!

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