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Bringing Pat's letters to life

As part of the Night Time Blitz Experience project with Artshell and Grangetown Local History Society, we're designing a schools workshop. The Glamorgan Archives shared some letters Patricia Cox sent to her boyfriend Jack, who was stationed overseas in Africa during WW2. After reading through the letters and thinking about 'sharing' and 'exchanging' during wartime (like the story we learned after talking to a lady who survived the Blitz about her brother swapping comics with Dillon Lyons, one of the lads who was sadly killed in the Blitz on Clydach Street), we decided to pair up the idea of the exchanging of information and story-telling with some quotes from Pat's letters to Jack... with a modern day twist which reflects how we share information now.

Using social media platforms to make modern-day 'comics', we are encouraging students/pupils to re-enact Pat's quotes, bringing them to life once more to make a record of our time, while remembering the past.

We're also inviting them to make their own hand-drawn comics...

...all based on a selection of quotes we've chosen from Pat's letters to Jack:

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