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Meeting the other artists

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Met with other the artists working on The Night Time Blitz Experience, exchanged creative ideas and approach to the project. Leon and Alec - their ideas both sound really interesting. We spoke about the insignificant stories, how life went on during the raids, just as it does now, during the strange and uncertain time we find ourselves in with the Coronavirus Pandemic. The letter writing we've seen from during the wartime period focused mainly on everyday things, small things, so we'd like our letters to tell personal stories and ask questions which encourage the writing of stories back. Stories through which the past and present can be linked, through the little things we all have in common. We're considering how we might record such responses - maybe they'll be written but perhaps they might be recorded or submitted online. We're also thinking about how visual elements of storytelling might be incorporated, but we'll have to see if anyone replies first.

Also looked at the 'Ether' today - a device made by SOMA electronics which records wavelengths given off by objects and environments. We think this links well with the hidden element of wartime and present-day stories, the personal behind closed doors, the things that make our homes ours.

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