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Scientists can create synthetic life in the lab, yet the realisation of the flying car eludes them. This collaborative performance aimed to question scientific progress - question where it’s heading, whether it is right or wrong, and what it has disappointingly failed to achieve.

Jason & Becky each occupied a circle within a matrix of 64 separate circles representing binary digit architecture, each one with an on/off option. The binary digit sequence forms the basis of all computing language and all technological advances are dependent upon its existence.

Asking for human interaction, and using current mainstream devices, they aimed to explore the relationship between man and technology. Each circle corresponded to a different note within the
matrix and could be audibly activated, on or off, through audience participation. Through their physical positioning within the matrix participants could choose to work individually or collaboratively to obliterate, synchronise or even harmonise. The results raised some interesting issues regarding the boundaries of personal space.


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