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Our lives in the city are in many ways defined by the spaces created within it. Open, confined, oppressive, tranquil, imposing or liberating. As air flows through the spaces constructed in the city, so society drifts through concrete tributaries cut in deep structural valleys and swirls in the openness of public space. Our lives, routines and daily cognition connecting through the city as a viscose entity. Paths, structures, emotions and desires touched and shaped by the disruption of flow and rhythm focused by architectural space. 

Viscositecture is the physical representation of a period of research into the effects of architecture on our viscose existence in the spaces it creates. The translation of physical, psychological and emotional maps into new forms of connected spaces that develop over time, altering the viewer’s experiential relationship between them whilst offering a space for the contemplation of the complexity of the effects of architectural space on our daily existence. 

Transforming both visually and sonically throughout its duration, Viscositecture featured 4 phases, beginning on 9th September 2016. Phase 2 could be experienced from 27th September, Phase 3 from 11th October and Phase 4 from 1st November. The show finished with a closing event on the evening of the 18th November, 2016. 


If your device supports 360º video, watch an interactive version of the closing event here

Jason & Becky are collaborative artists currently living and working in the European Union.


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