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Making a war-time inspired synthesizer housing

We've started making a housing for some synthesizers we're hoping to use (Covid-permitting) in a sound-based performance for the Night Time Blitz Experience which is currently scheduled for January. Alongside the 'Ether' which we're using to pick up frequencies from the site we're going to be performing at, we're also going to be using synthesizers to generate our sounds. They are called Eurorack modules, and each make different sounds, or have different functions which alter the sounds sent to them, when 'patched' together using 'patch cables'.

Some of our Eurorack modules, 'patched' together

The images below show the first phase of the making of the housing:

Next, we need to paint the case so that it fits the look we're after, secure the lid with hinges and then fit the modules to the inside.

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